Pennsylvania Publishers in our PA Imprints Collection – Philadelphia “J” and “K”

This is the next installment of the preliminary list of imprints from Pennsylvania cities and towns. This post includes printers and publishers from Philadelphia whose names start with the letters “J” or “K.” (We have none that start with “I”.)  This list comes from the online catalog of the “Pennsylvania Imprints to 1865″ collection in the Rare Collections Library at the State Library of Pennsylvania.  Think of the dates as ‘flourished’ dates.  The dates represent only the span of examples from the particular presses that are on the shelves there; while printers/publishers came and went, many would have been in business longer that the date span shown here.

Note, too, in this list that there is (or can be) considerable confusion when it comes to names like Kimber, Kite, or Johnson (for the latter, e.g., “Benjamin,” “Jacob,” and then “Benjamin & Jacob” with overlapping date spans).  At the moment, I’m trusting the catalog, but these entries all must be verified by actually looking at the books to see how it is printed, something I cannot do while the collection is still in the midst of being moved.

As always: this is a preliminary list.  Printers and publishers are mixed together here.

Philadelphia – Joseph James – 1787-1789
Philadelphia – Dr. D. Jayne & Son – 1898
Philadelphia – Enoch Johnson – 1814
Philadelphia – Benjamin Johnson – 1792-1807
Philadelphia – Jacob Johnson – 1795
Philadelphia – Benjamin & Jacob Johnson – 1797-1800
Philadelphia – Johnson – 1803
Philadelphia – Robert Johnson – 1806
Philadelphia – L. Johnson – 1832
Philadelphia – G.W. Loammi Johnson – 1844
Philadelphia – T. & J.W. Johnson & Co – 1858
Philadelphia – Johnston, Megraw, Boileau, & Harrison – 1812
Philadelphia – M. Jones – 1809
Philadelphia – J.H. Jones, printer – 1849
Philadelphia – Jones, Hoff, & Derrick – 1793-1794
Philadelphia – James & Johnson – 1790-1791
Philadelphia – Johnson & Warner – 1808-1815
Philadelphia – J. C. Kayser – 1823-
Philadelphia – James Kay, Jun. and Brother – 1829-1846
Philadelphia – S. Keimer; Samuel Keimer – 1724-1728
Philadelphia – S. Keimer, a D. Harry – 1730
Philadelphia – Key and Biddle – 1833-1852
Philadelphia – Key, Mielke & Biddle – 1832
Philadelphia – Key & Simpson – 1796
Philadelphia – Kiderlen and Stollmeyer – 1837-1838
Philadelphia – Emmor Kimber – 1824
Philadelphia – Kimber, Conrad – 1804-1814
Philadelphia – Kimber & Richardson – 1812
Philadelphia – Kimber and Sharpless; Kimber & Sharpless; Kimber und Sharpless – 1816-1841
Philadelphia – King & Baird – 1840-1865
Philadelphia – B. & T. Kite; Benjamin and Thomas Kite – 1807-1827
Philadelphia – T. Kite; Thomas Kite; T. Kite & co. – 1828-1833
Philadelphia – Joseph and William Kite; Joseph Kite & Co. – 1834-1842
Philadelphia – Nathan Kite – 1835
Philadelphia – B. & T. Kite, and S. Pike – 1811
Philadelphia – Kite & Walton – 1848-1850
Philadelphia – J.G. Klemm – 1824

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    I have an original copy of:
    Antwort eines Römisch-Catholischen Priesters an einen friedensliebenden Prediger der Lutherischen Kirche … Gedruckt bey Johann Albrecht und Comp., 1796. Author F.X . Brosius
    This book has been in the family I guess since the day it was printed. My wife’s family moved to Frederick MD from Pennsylvania in the 1780s. I have their tax records and wills and land documents
    from 1780s and up. This book was in a box with all these records.

    Johann Albrecht und Comp. is the publisher he is listed in your rare books blog.

    I know you get this question a lot. I would like know what you all think the book is worth?

    Glenn Berkhousen

  2. my 9 yr old went to a garage sale of an old man in our neighborhood he brought me 2 bibles . i have 2 1804 holy bibles, containing the old and new test. translated out of original tongues. published by benjamin johnson , no 31, market street and w.p.and lem blake,boston. printed by robert carr, 1804. on the inside pages there are birthdates one has birthdates from a james read born at cambridge 1789 boston ,and george seaver born roxbury dec 13 1798. there is a note from jacob stanwood. of lake side brighton to the men. im very interested in the history. the books are in leather and have gold inlay, they are from a 4 piece volume, but i only have 1 and 4 . i looked up jacob stanwood , his name is on the first page of bible and found he was a clipper ship builder,owned his own boat yard. he built a ship for lady leah xavier called :the maid of the sea 661. im so excited about these two bibles and would like to know what the history of these bibles may be. can u help?

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