Go or Stay? Which Will it Be?

Here’s an interesting bit of inner conversation I came across some time back in a book by J. G. Kohl titled Austria : Vienna, Prague, etc., etc. (Philadelphia : Carey and Hart, 1844.)  It is bound in our PV [Pamphlet Volume] 865, no. 6. Here’s something that Kohl says on page 9:

“To travel or not to travel, was once more the question. To wander, to stroll through the world, or to remain and shoot out roots like a tree. Whether ‘twas nobler in a man to tend his own little garden, or to arm himself against a sea of troubles, and plough his way round our terrestrial planet? A house, or a tent? A warm room, or a windy seat in a post coach? A shady tree, or a budless staff? One friend, or a thousand friendly faces?”

As I read various hiking narratives, this is kind of the inner debate lots of people go through.

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