The Move Has Begun

We finally began moving the Rare Collections Library to the renovated space within our building on Monday.

No telling how long it will take us (we’re doing it ourselves, after several flip-flops between having an outside firm do it and having us do it), but so far things have gone very well. Notes are up on our website that include the sentence “We expect the collection will again become available sometime this Spring/Summer.”

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Go or Stay? Which Will it Be?

Here’s an interesting bit of inner conversation I came across some time back in a book by J. G. Kohl titled Austria : Vienna, Prague, etc., etc. (Philadelphia : Carey and Hart, 1844.)  It is bound in our PV [Pamphlet Volume] 865, no. 6. Here’s something that Kohl says on page 9:

“To travel or not to travel, was once more the question. To wander, to stroll through the world, or to remain and shoot out roots like a tree. Whether ‘twas nobler in a man to tend his own little garden, or to arm himself against a sea of troubles, and plough his way round our terrestrial planet? A house, or a tent? A warm room, or a windy seat in a post coach? A shady tree, or a budless staff? One friend, or a thousand friendly faces?”

As I read various hiking narratives, this is kind of the inner debate lots of people go through.

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