Wrapping Up 2007 – part 2

Continuing last week’s summarization of researchers, we had email and telephone contacts from researchers and librarians (as well as librarians who are themselves researchers) at the following institutions:  
Harvard University
Dumbarton Oaks
Northwestern University
Princeton University
University of California – Berkeley
Brandywine River Museum
University of Michigan
New York University
Rosenbach Museum and Library

…and from the following other geographic locations: 
Washington, DC
North Carolina
Brooklyn, NY

…interested in researching such things as: vellum fragments used to bind our copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle

determining whether our set of the “Pages from the past. Portfolio set I: History of the written word” contained a leaf from an old Spanish manuscript which a professor and some colleagues are trying to reconstruct.  Unfortunately, our set of these leaves does not include that manuscript, but we were able to provide some important bibliographic clues to the creation and marketing of these sets, along with the current contact information ( now in Costa Rica!) of the man who sold them back in the 1960s – so that our researcher could continue the documentation of these sets of leaves;

for another researcher, a bit of “Greek papyrus” from the “Pages from the Past. Portfolio Set I, History of the Written Word” collection, which turns out to be Coptic, not Greek;

the “Daily X-Ray” published in Beaver, PA in 1903-1904, of which our copies appear to be the only ones in existence;

genealogical inquiries of various kinds;

the only known complete copy of  A Journal of the Rev. John Marrant (London, 1790) for which we have now mounted a copy in our CONTENTdm collection in the Access Pennsylvania Digital Repository (Marrant was an African-American preacher);

an elementary school geography text published in Pennsylvania;

depictions of foreign flags flown in the 1880s for an art conservator working on the ceiling in an important political office in Washington DC where he found flag paintings under 22 coats of paint;

our copies of the manuscript General Orders of the Army that were promulgated by General Winfield Scott during the Mexican War;

the life and work of Lydia Bailey, a printer in Philadelphia;

a history of architects in Harrisburg – this researcher called and said he’d found a call slip he wrote some 20 years ago for which, back at that time, the State Library staff told him they could not find the item in question.  He was wondering if it is still “lost.”  Turns out I was able to locate it. (Hooray for his persistence, and for our current cataloging!)  

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