A Peek at our Pamphlet Volumes

We have a collection of 2,670 bound volumes of pamphlets, each volume containing 8-30 items or so (the number varies widely).  There was a time in library history when it was deemed wise to bind together pamphlets in order to give them some physical strength so that the items could withstand the rigors of shelving and use.  So they were bound.  In rather random order.  One of the down sides to this practice is that identification and retrieval of the individual items became a problem, especially when the rudimentary cataloging these pamphlets had in our card catalog did not get transferred to our online catalog. 

At the State Library we are now cataloging the individual pamphlets so that they are under intellectual control and become retrievable.  We regularly discover individual pamphlets that are not recorded in OCLC’s WorldCat.  All the volumes are in the Rare Collections Library because of their age and scarcity. 

Here are the contents of one such volume of pamphlets – one that I pulled today for a researcher who was only interested in a single item therein:

The Confederate Defence of Morris Island, Charleston Harbor, by the Troops of South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina, in the Late War Between the States, with a Map of Morris and Part of Folly Islands, and a Plan of Fort Wagner; Prepared from Official Reports and Other Sources / by Maj. Robert C. Gilchrist. 1884. (55 p.)

Catalog of the Kansas Territorial and State Documents in the Library of the State Historical Society, 1854-1898 / Prepared by Miss Zu Adams. 1900. (93 p.)

Of the Law and of Economics ; Address / Delivered by James W. Latta before the sixteenth annual convention of the National Association of Officials of Bureaus of Labor Statistics.  1900. (14 p.)

The Brief of the American Free Art League in Favor of the Removal of the Duties on Works of Art ; Submitted to the Ways and Means Committee, Washington, D.C. Nov. 28, 1908 / by The Executive Committee of the League.  1908.  (246 p.)

Address of Col. Charles Marshall, (Formerly Private Secretary and A.D.C. to General Robert E. Lee), of Baltimore Before the Va. Division of the Army of Northern Virginia at their Annual Meeting, held at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., October 29, 1874.  1875.  (23 p.)

A Refutation of the Charges Made Against the Confederate States of America of Having Authorized the Use of Explosive and Poisoned Musket and Rifle Balls During the Late Civil War of 1861-1865 / by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden.  1879.  (13 p.)

A Normal School President on the Use of Books, Being an Address Read as the Annual Meeting of the National Education Association held at Cleveland, Ohio, June 29-July 3, and Printed in the Library Journal, August 1908 : How Far Should Courses in Normal Schools and Teachers’ Colleges Seek to Acquaint All Teachers with the Ways of Organizing and Using School Libraries? / by David Felmley.  1908  (8 p.)

 Der Internationale Druckschriften-Leihverkehr Zwischen den Bibliotheken : Separatabdruck aus dem Zentralblatt für Bibliothekswesen Begründet von Otto Hartwig / [by] Aksel Andersson.  N.d.  (15 p.) 

In Memoriam : Joseph Casey.  [1879]  (13 p.)

That’s about how any of these volumes run. Subjects all over the place; publication dates in no particular order; extent varying widely; foreign languages; and so on.  Fun to work with because one never knows what awaits when the cover is opened for the first time.  And especially fun to be able to offer them to researchers.

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