What about television and junk food?

Here are some lines from William Buchan’s Domestic medicine; or, The family physician: being an attempt to render the medical art more generally useful, by shewing people what is in their own power both with respect to prevention and cure of diseases chiefly calculated to reecommend a proper attention to regimen and simple medicines. (Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap for R. Aitken, 1772), page 17:

“Of all the causes which conspire to render the lives of children short and miserable, none has greater influence that the want of proper exercise: Healthy parents, wholesome food, and proper cloathing, will avail little where this is neglected.  Enough exercise will make up for several other defects; but nothing can supply the want of it.  It is absolutely necessary to the health, the growth, and the strength of children.”

And so on. For several pages.  Amazing, isn’t it, that in 230+ years this core message still hasn’t been put into better practice?

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