Global Warming Warned of in 1919

My apologies for not posting recently, but we are gearing up for our move.  That includes tying up loose ends on some projects, going over the plans for the actual move, and showing visiting dignitaries through the old and new spaces.

But here’s something I came across last week.  It’s in a book by John C. French titled The Passenger Pigeon in Pennsylvania; Its Remarkable History, Habits and Extinction, with Interesting Side Lights on the Folk and Forest Lore of the Alleghenian Region of the old Keystone State. Altoona: Altoona Tribune Company, 1919.  On page 86, we read

“It is now believed by some scientists that a small addition to the carbon dioxide in the air would so imprison earth-heat that temperate conditions would be restored nearly to the poles of the earth, as was the case when the tropical trees grew in far northern regions of America; and when the great plains existed, before the great mountains were here, subject to rapid erosions of modern times, imprisoning the carbonic acid gas, as bicarbonates, in the waters that spread over the depressions of the plain. “

Imagine that!  Carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere would warm up the earth!!  What a concept.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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