Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Article

Well, we made the news out in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has an article about our rare books in its 2 April 2007 issue (the online version, anyway) , written by Mike Wereschagin under the headline “Treasures from Pa.’s past abound in rare books room.”

One thing, though … we didn’t get any $3 million from NARA. Not sure where that comes from, unless the reporter misunderstood something one of the other people in the interview said about possible savings at NARA if they think that our architect’s design with fewer air exchanges per day actually works. The point would be that in the stacks it’s okay to bring in less fresh air each day — resulting in less gross heating (in winter), less gross cooling (in summer), and less running the fans to move the air in and out. Could point to huge savings on the utility bills for NARA and others.

But we didn’t get $3 million from NARA for the renovation project.

Thanks to Lee Jay Stoltzfus for pointing out the article in his Rare Book News blog yesterday.

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