Milhet’s 3 Volume Introduction to Scripture Finally Available

Another “new” old book passed through my hands this morning on its way back to our shelves.  This time it is going from the limbo of the uncataloged backlog to the paradise of cataloged frontlog … actually, I don’t think there is such a word as “frontlog” but shouldn’t there be one to contrast with “backlog”?

Anyway ….

The item in question is an old 3 volume introduction to the Holy Bible.  We apparently have the only copy in the United States; at least there are no other copies in the OCLC WorldCat.  I found a copy listed in the catalog of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, but that was it.  The book?  It is:

Notitia Scripturæ sacræ in tres partes distributa, by Arnauld Milhet. Toulouse : Peter Salabert, 1690-1691.  3 volumes.

The first volume is a general introduction, the second is on the Old Testament, and the third is on the New.  I don’t have enough Latin to discern much about the text beyond that.  And I didn’t find much of anything about the author online except that he also wrote an introduction to Aquinas.

There may well be very good reasons that there seem to be so few copies of his work around.  Maybe it’s nothing special.  But maybe it is.  And now all the scholars of late scholastic French Roman Catholic biblical isagogics can finally come inspect a copy of Milhet’s book.

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