Moving Ahead with the Move

First a little revision on the post from last month (last year!) where I gave the shelf count in our current Rare Books Room. It’s actually 987 shelves from which material can come.

And there are 148 of those that are empty (or currently hold extra bookends or empty phase boxes. That gives me 839 physical micro-locations in that one room from which material can come. (not to mention the hundreds of bound pamphlet volumes stored in another location down the hall)

I haven’t done the arithmetic to calculate the number of shelves in the new space. Suffice it to say that there is a lot of space. For example, I have sketched out a ‘new shelf location layout’ and came up with an interesting datum: filling two aisles of shelves with our Pennsylvania Imprints collection — to the rate of 19 linear inches of books on each shelf — I could double the volume of of the collection and still have empty space in those two aisles.

And, get this, there are 13 (THIRTEEN!) aisles on just that side of that one vault! And I’ve got three separate vaults to use.

The space will all be put to good use. But if you’re a librarian in Pennsylvania, and have rare or special collections materials you would like to place in off-site storage at our facility, let us know.

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